Mass gaming communities are migrating away from Twitter to a new social media platform called Hive Social. As if by magic, Hive social suddenly went from down to up in the App Store and it seems as if the entire gaming community is migrating there. Gaming news followers, game developers, gaming journalists, influencer streamers, YouTubers, and content creators of all kinds are converting to Hive social, but why? It seems that people are not happy with what Twitter is doing. 

Hive Social Vs Twitter

If you haven’t created an account over at Hive social yet, you might want to do that because If you’ve got a preferred name and you don’t want the numbers, underscores, and stuff like that in your handle, you might want to go over there. It is free to make an account, just make sure your handle is secure because there is too much hype created by the hive already.

But why do people make the switch?

A number of factors contribute to this, but one of the most important is that Elon Musk was the first to clean the gaming team house when he came to Twitter. There was nothing better than the Twitter gaming team account to spread information about gaming, connecting people to different developers and to the latest gaming news. So without them, there is a big hit to the gaming space on Twitter, limiting the spread of useful information about gaming and keeping influencers from participating in these Twitter events that Twitter gaming held to disseminate information and feature content creators.

The teams that were keeping some main features of Twitter up and running are gone; they got canned or fired. Now new skeleton crews are trying to juggle multiple hats on Twitter, they even don’t know how to handle, like managing copyright issues that are happening now.  As the new team doesn’t know how to get things working, Twitter going to be killed by this.

Going over to hive is a great step in making sure that gaming information can be shared in an entirely new way, so you don’t need to care about Musk’s leadership at Twitter. It’s fine if you don’t care at all. Maybe just want to go to a place where gaming information can be easily shared. With a fresh start, you can curate your gaming experience, follow the people you want to, and get gaming information quickly and have a dedicated space for them.