Get ready yourself for a surprise! There are some exciting new features in iOS 17 that will improve the iPhone experience.

Saqib Ali

Exciting New Feature

According to rumors, iOS 17 will be the most significant update to iOS to yet. Users are looking forward to its release in June 2023 because it will include fresh features that should improve the user experience.


According to rumors, Apple is going to release a call recording feature. Because currently, there are only third-party recording apps available.

Lock Screen Customization

Since the iOS 16 have lock screen customization, but it only allow to have two large widgets or four small widgets at a time. But the iOS 17 expected to have big improvements to this feature.

Interactive Widgets

In iOS 17, Apple might also make its widgets more interactive, allowing simpler and quicker access to specific tasks. Users might be able to log their daily exercise with just one tap, for instance.

Split Screen Multitasking

Split-screen multitasking, which is currently available on Mac OS and iPadOS, may finally arrive on iPhones with iOS 17. Users will be able to run two apps simultaneously on a single screen.

Dual Apps Feature

The dual apps feature in iOS 17 is another eagerly anticipated addition. This feature is perfect for users who have multiple social media or email accounts because it enables users to make a copy of an existing app to run different accounts on different versions of the same app.

Improved Notifications

There is still room for improvement even though iOS 16 made some changes to notifications. In iOS 17, users will get a notification interface that is simpler and easier to use.

Enhanced iMessage

A better message home screen and AR chat features are planned for iMessage in iOS 17. For a more engaging messaging experience, users may also be able to design custom stickers.