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Pick the right phone for your needs

Great display, powerful chip, high data speed; all these nice things are pretty useless if the antenna quality sucks and it does suck on many popular phones.

However, knowing which phone has the best signal strength can be difficult. But stop crying. I have done all the work for you. Check out the list I have created for you.


Motorola One Vision

Motorola One Vision is one of the best smartphones with the best antenna for the price right now and it’s great value for money.

>>> 01 Motorola One Vision

>>> Overall Score:79/100

>>> Sar-value:0,33 W/kg

>>> Signal Strength:9/10

>>> Price Level:249$


Huawei P30

If you’re looking for a phone that fits your needs and keeps you connected even in tough conditions, the Huawei P30 is what you need.

>>> 02 Huawei P30

>>> Overall Score:88/100

>>> Sar-value:0,33 W/kg

>>> Signal Strength:9/10

>>> Price Level:498$


Samsung Galaxy A50

The feature that no one comments on is the antenna quality. A50’s antenna is many times better than an iPhone and other expensive phones.

>>> 02 Samsung Galaxy A50

>>> Overall Score:77/100

>>> Sar-value:0,27 W/kg

>>> Signal Strength:10/10

>>> Price Level:130$

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