Cloud mobile phones have become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to the added security and convenience they offer users. However, some people worry that these phones may be difficult to unlock if they want to switch to a new service provider but keep their current phone. Or maybe they traveling overseas and need to use a local SIM card. 

Whatever the reason, unlocking a cloud mobile phone can provide many benefits. One of the biggest advantages is that it can save money. With an unlocked phone, you’ll be able to choose from a wider range of service providers, which can lead to lower monthly bills. Moreover, you’ll have the flexibility to use prepaid plans, which can be even cheaper. In addition, an unlocked phone will usually have a higher resale value. So if you ever decide to upgrade to a new phone, you’ll be able to get more money for your old one. As you can see, there are many good reasons to a cloud mobile phone.

Fortunately, there are tools available that can help. NCK Box is a paid tool that provides users with the ability to unlock most cloud mobile phones. But don’t cry we are gonna let you know how you can use NCK box for free to unlock your cloud mobile phone. 

Note: Do this at your own risk we are not responsible for any kind of damage or warranty void.

How To Use NCK Box For Free To Unlock Your Cloud Mobile Phone?

First of all, let me show you the video instruction on how to use the NCK box for free.

After you have successfully installed the NCK box free version on your computer you need to download drivers for your phone. Once you’ve downloaded the drivers, you’ll need to extract them to a folder on your computer. Then, open the Device Manager and find the “Ports (COM & LPT)” section. Right-click on the “MTK USB Port” and select “Update Driver Software.” Select “Browse my computer for driver software” and browse to the folder where you extracted the drivers. Select the “MT and click “Next.”

Once the driver is installed, you’ll be able to Unlock your Cloud mobile phone. Here’s how to Unlock your cloud mobile phone:

1. Launch NCK BOX Free Version on your computer.

How To Unlock Your Cloud Mobile Phone with NCK Box

2. Go to Unlocking Tab in NCK Box Software

How to select phone brand on NCK BOX

3. Select your phone manufacturer to cloudfone

How To Unlock Your Cloud Mobile Phone with NCK Box

4. Select your phone model.

What is meta mode in NCK Box

5. Select Connection mode > META Mode

How To Unlock Your Cloud Mobile Phone with NCK Box

6. Click on the “Unlock” button.

7. Connect your cloud mobile phone to the computer using a USB cable in meta mode. Booting your Cloud mobile phone in meta mode is a simple process that can be completed in just a few steps. First, power off your phone and remove the SIM card. Next, press and hold the power button and the volume down button simultaneously for about 10 seconds. Release the buttons when you see the Cloud or TruConnect logo appear on the screen. Your phone will now be in meta mode and you can proceed with the desired actions.

After you connect your phone in meta mode the unlocking process will start automatically. Once the process ends your phone will restart automatically and you have unlocked your cloud mobile phone, you will be able to use it with any network.

How To Unlock a Cloud Mobile Phone With DC Unlocker

DC Unlocker is a software program that can be used to unlock phones that are locked to a specific carrier. The program works by reading the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) of the phone and then generating a code that will unlock the phone. The code is then entered into the phone, and the phone will be unlocked.  

The first step is to download the DC Unlocker software to your computer Once the software is installed, you will need to launch it and connect your phone to the computer using the USB cable. The next step is to select the “Phone Unlock” option from the main menu. Once you have selected this option, DC unlock will read your phone IMEI Numbers and provide you with a unlock code. After you have the unlock code enter the unlock in your phone once you enter the unlock code in your phone, and you will be able to use your phone on any network.


In the terms of conclusion, both of these unlocking methods are risky and can cause damage or warranty void. If you want to unlock your cloud mobile phone safely, then you can always contact customer support for assistance. In most cases, customer service representatives can help you in unlocking your cloud mobile phone by charging a little amount of fee. Likewise, if you found this blog post helpful, please share it with someone who is experiencing the same problem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How do I unlock Cloud Mobile that is locked?

A. If you’ve forgotten your Cloud Mobile security code, you can reset it from recovery mode. To do this, power off your phone and then press and hold the Volume Up and Power buttons until the Cloud Mobile logo appears. Once in recovery mode, use the Volume buttons to navigate to the Wipe Data/Factory Reset option and select it with the Power button. Confirm your selection and your phone will reset, erasing all of your data in the process. Once the reset is complete, you’ll be able to access your phone with a new security code.

Q. Can you unlock a locked cloud phone with an IMEI number?

A. Your IMEI number is a unique identifier that is associated with your specific device. It is used by your carrier and activated by enforcement stolen. IMEI number can be used to unlock your locked device.

Most carriers will provide you with an unlock code once you have paid off your device in full. Once you have this code, you can enter it into your phone to unlock it. Some carriers may require that you meet certain criteria before they will provide you with an unlock code, such as being a current customer in good standing.

If your carrier is unable to provide you with an unlock code, you can also try to find a third-party service that can provide you with one. These services typically charge a fee, but they may be able to unlock your phone.

In some cases, you may be able to unlock the phone without a code. For example, if you have a device purchased through a carrier’s insurance program, you may be able to get it unlocked by contacting the carrier.

Q. Can I unlock my Cloud mobile phone Myself?

A. Many people ask if it is possible to unlock their Cloud mobile phone themselves. The answer is yes, but there is a risk involved. If you are not careful, you could damage your phone or void your warranty. There are a few different methods you can use to unlock your phone, but we recommend using a professional service. They will have the knowledge and experience to safely unlock your phone without damaging it.