Samsung is the undisputed king of foldable phones. They have over 60% of the foldable market share and don’t really have a mainstream competitor in this segment. But that is about to change as Google is all set to launch its own foldable phone, the Pixel fold and we have our first look at the handset that reveals Google is doing foldable better than Samsung in a couple of key aspects.

These renders are from Jon Prosser from Frontpagetech who has a great track record. The Pixel fold actually looks pretty good with metal and glass construction. And appears to be more like the Oppo Find N and Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold.

The cover screen is wide and much better than Samsung’s foldable. Samsung did make the Z Fold 4’s cover screen wider but still, it’s not wide enough for comfortable use. That is not going to be an issue at all with the Pixel Fold. The cover screen measures 5.78″ according to display analyst Ross Young.

Secondly, the Pixel Fold’s camera is better than the Z Fold 4’s.

It has a triple camera setup and it looks pretty much identical to the one on the Pixel 7 Pro. Jon Prosser didn’t reveal the specs, but it’s safe to bet there’s a periscope zoom camera out there as well. Samsung has been making foldables for 4 years now and they still haven’t included their best camera setup on their most expensive phones yet which is quite a shame. Glad Google is not doing the same mistake. 

Now, where things get a little weird. The Pixel Fold has gigantic bezels inside and hey google, 2016 just called, they want their bezels back. Google could have just used a punch-hole camera inside if they didn’t want to use the under-display camera. This just doesn’t look good because we are way past the bezels at this point. But the good thing is the selfie camera is not going to suck because it’s not the crappy under-display camera.

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Another drawback of this phone is that it’s going to really heavy. He didn’t say the exact weight but said, it’s going to be very very heavy. Weight is an important factor in foldable phones so here’s hoping that the weight isn’t so much that it ruins the overall experience.

The fingerprint scanner is placed on the right side which is perfect for foldable and the price is $1799 which is exactly the same as the Galaxy Z Fold 4. I think Google should have undercut Samsung by a couple of $100 just like their regular Pixel 7 lineup. But considering it’s the first foldable phone from Google, it’s understandable why they priced it higher.

Now The phone is coming sooner than you think. Jon claims Google will unveil the Pixel Fold in May which is not really that far away. I’m actually pretty happy that Google is entering the foldable segment as this will increase the competition and that will lead to better foldable phones and that will also bring their exorbitant prices down. Google will also launch the Pixel 7a in May and it is already turning out to be the best phone in its class.