Huawei Mate XS 2 Review 2022

Huawei Mate XS pro Review By GsmFind

today I’m super excited to share with you my first impressions of the Huawei mate xs2. I would have already used Huawei mate xs 2 for close to a week now and at the point of this review. I do not actually have the price of the mate xs 2. But again by the time … Read more

iPhone 7 Review in 2022

We get to discuss, as a matter of fact, the iPhone 7 at last. This is a fascinating device because in 2022. This phone is turning six years old and this is actually going to be a pretty interesting device this year. Based on rumors ios 16 which is the next big update for ios … Read more

Top 5 Cinematic Lighting Tips

Let’s talk about Cinematic Lighting Tips that will help you get your first video. So I’m no lighting expert but these are just some things that I’ve learned. Let’s get to it 1. Natural lights Natural light is the cheapest and largest light source available. And it can have its own built-in diffusion with clouds. … Read more