We get to discuss, as a matter of fact, the iPhone 7 at last. This is a fascinating device because in 2022. This phone is turning six years old and this is actually going to be a pretty interesting device this year.

Based on rumors ios 16 which is the next big update for ios is going to be supported. For the iPhone 7s and newer.

This is going to be the lowest supported iPhone based off rumors, Which is going to be pretty crazy.

My opinion

The iPhone 7 in my opinion is the lowest iPhone I would recommend this year.

If you’re going to be getting a brand new iPhone or you’re getting a used iPhone. I wouldn’t recommend going under an iPhone 7. Because the rumors suggest that this is going to be the lowest supported iPhone

now in terms of the body and the exterior of this iPhone

I’ll probably tell you it’s a little bit outdated as some of you can tell. You have that 4.7-inch retina IPS panel and it’s still you know it’s definitely aged a lot. Especially last year for 2021. We now have those promotion displays which look beautiful unfortunately this device doesn’t have it which you may have suggested. It was six years old at this point. It’s probably not going to get it but it still looks great

apple’s still selling the iPhone se 2. Which is in the same body for the most part as this device. So you’re not really missing out on too much. There either you have touch id 2 on the front with that vibration motor as a home button. You have the front-facing camera you have the speaker grill up front as well. Overall i don’t think this phone is ugly it’s definitely a bit outdated

I think it’s a decent looking iPhone nowadays

This was the first iPhone to remove that headphone jack. So this device does not have a headphone jack it only has that lighting port.

that’s one thing to keep in mind now you do also have that aluminum back. Which I am a huge fan of I think the aluminum back on this thing looks beautiful and it still feels extremely premium. There are still some pros for that type of back. They’re way more durable if you drop it you’re not afraid of cracking the back. This thing still looks very good in my opinion

we also have the lack of wireless charging. so no wireless charging on this device but you do have ip certification

Which is really cool so if you get a little bit of water on it a little bit of dust. It’s not really going to hinder. This phone at all by any means so that pretty much covers it up in that standpoint

this iPhone has a front camera and a back camera. On the back we have a 12-megapixel lens and on the front, we have a 7-megapixel lens. So I’ll definitely tell you it’s not the best camera setup anymore

you know no lenses for the most part we only have that wide-angle lens. We don’t have a telephoto or ultrawide sensor like the newer lenses

in my opinion you can do 4k 30 on the back no 4k at 60. But it’s still good enough you can do 1080p on the front but it’s fairly limited. You don’t have portrait mode you don’t have any of the new cinematic modes or anything like that. Those are some kind of the limiting things for this type of device

I think if you’re going to be using this phone on an everyday basis you may be able to kind of go away from that and probably not care but if you do end up still you know wanting those features you have no other choice.

but to go to a newer iPhone with those types of lenses. That type of other stuff so in terms of that really pretty much covers it up for the most part in the camera standpoint. I would still probably recommend picking up something like an iPhone you know iPhone 10. If you want to get a little bit of a better camera but this is still a decent camera

now software-wise like I mentioned earlier this device is pretty much on its last leg of software

it’s going to be getting ios 16 as the rumors are suggesting. We really don’t know as at this point you know random things happen and maybe this one will get more updates or not. But at least this phone is still almost guaranteed to get the next version of the software. Because of that, I would kind of recommend just buying this phone if you need the lowest base supported iPhone of all time

this is probably the better way to go it’s definitely not going to be perfect as i mentioned. But it’s still going to be getting software support. By the looks of it ios 16 may be a pretty big update hopefully

we’ve been kind of you know rumoring it to be and if that ends up being the case well this device will probably end up getting that software which in my opinion is going to be a pretty huge asset so that pretty much covers it up in the software standpoint

now performance wise this is another pretty big advantage of this type of device

it has that apple a10 fusion chip inside of it with two gigabytes of ram. Now the reason I say the performance is one of the bigger assets. Because of that chipset inside it really isn’t a crazy great performing phone anymore. As evident by all the speed comparisons

There are so many devices that have that apple a10 fusion chip inside. We’re talking iPads iPods so many other devices that apple wouldn’t engineer this chip to be you know really bad performing chipset if they’re going to put it in so many other devices and because of that, I would probably say that the performance of this thing is better than what you’d expect. But it’s still not perfect.

Fairly slow-performing phone when compared to the iPhone 13s and 13 pros. But if you’re not comparing them and you’re just using this thing as you know a phone by itself. It’s really not a bad experience I think ios 15 recently has kind of hindered a little bit about the performance.

it’s kind of not a big deal and I still think this is a pretty decent phone for the performance standpoint

basically standard things like going on Snapchat and Twitter and you know opening up the notes app and downloading applications and texting people on facetime and stuff like that is probably going to be perfectly fine for the most part but if you’re going up to something and you want to start doing some heavier intensive gaming and stuff that’s going to be a little bit of a different journey.

this type of device is going to be fairly choppy when you start going into those heavier intensive games I think it’s a great performing phone in so many other ways it is a bit dated and it’s definitely showing its age but I don’t think it’s a bad performing phone by any means at all so that pretty much covers it up

now when you get off with the battery life this is by far one of the worst things about this phone

I mean you have a 1960 million power battery so it was a bigger size battery than the previous phones we had but it was definitely not perfect and still, nowadays it’s a little bit better than my iPhone success but I’m not really getting that great battery life under this thing and that’s kind of a disadvantage with this type of phone

I don’t want to go and buy a phone and don’t really want to recommend a phone if it’s going to be giving you pretty strange battery life and this thing although it’s not horrible it’s definitely not one of its assets I would even say the camera quality isn’t even you know as bad compared to the battery life and it really depends on if you’re getting a brand new iPhone 7 getting a used iPhone 7

because all of my iPhones may have been brand new at one time but this iPhone is six years old so the battery has degraded probably a lot more than you would think and again that’s kind of a disadvantage with this phone as well.

I would say the battery life isn’t that great anymore but you know you can always get a battery charge in case you can always plug it in if you need to and those are some standard things that pretty much everyone knows

I still think the iPhone 7 is a pretty decent phone in 2022 I still think it has a lot of capability and a lot of quality for its price tag I don’t think it’s you know a phone you should go out and try to get but this is the lowest supported iPhone I would recommend this year you know if you have a hundred dollars or ninety dollars this isn’t a bad phone

it’s still getting softer support pretty decent build quality touch id 2 with that fingerprint sensor some people may prefer the cameras still work which is good it’s still getting features which is nice and it’s still a pretty decent powerful phone

I would just recommend going up to something like an iPhone 10 if you have the money if not I don’t think you like if you have an iPhone 7 you can still keep it but I would recommend going up to an iPhone 10 or iPhone 11 at some point in the near future so that pretty much covers it up