How to Edit a GIF on iPhone

GIFs, since their launch, have been gaining everyone’s attention for communicating emotions, jokes, and ideas. If you need to edit your GIFs, like adding some text or trimming it, then you’ll learn it here.

This guide will describe how to edit a GIF on iPhone easily. We will also outline other associated things like making a GIF from a video or saving Live Photos into GIFs. So, keep scrolling.  

What Is a GIF?

A GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is an image file that either keeps on animating or is still. The GIF format can be used for making animated pictures. Just like PNG or JPEG formats, you can use it to create still images. These files load fast, generally under 5 seconds.

An attention-grabbing and engaging GIF adds fun to blog and social media posts. GIFs are the most popular image files to quickly and interactively convey the message on social media channels like Instagram.

Can I Create a GIF From a Video?

Sometimes it happens you can’t locate the GIF online based on your requirement. However, if you find a certain section interesting in any video, you can convert that into the GIF required. In the process of learning how to create a GIF from video, first make or download a video.

Ensure that it must be of just 5 seconds. When you finish making or downloading a video, convert it into a GIF in Giphy. Tap on the blue Upload option in the upper right corner or the green plus icon in the app. Select the video to upload, and now you can have your GIF.

How to Use GIFs?

Using GIFs is as simple as using emojis. All you have to do is just select the GIF that is relatable to the situation and send it. Also, you don’t require downloading anything to use GIFs. Most reliable social media channels have teamed up with various image-hosting sites to make GIFs.

The phone’s keyboard has an integrated GIF function. On social media websites, you can use the GIF search bar. However, image-hosting websites feature tools for copying GIFs to a clipboard. Using the built-in GIF function in Google keyboard, you can use GIFs anywhere.

How Can I Edit GIFs on an iPhone?

An iPhone in hands and a Apple Laptop

To get started with how to edit a GIF on iPhone, you have to download and install Giphy. The GIF that needs to be edited can either be saved to Photos or from Giphy. Open this app and find the required GIF. If the GIF is in the camera roll, click the plus option.

Now, choose the GIF for editing. In the Giphy editor, you can add text to the GIF or trim it along with other editing. When you make the edits, click the check button to save it. To save it to the camera roll, click the Share GIF button and hit Save GIF on the share screen.

Save Your Live Photos as GIF

Your Live Photos take some seconds of animation on any of the sides of the image you capture. Keep holding your Live Photos, and then you will see them animate. To take Live Photos, click on the concentric circles in the camera app.

To convert these photos into GIFs, you can use the preinstalled Photos app on your iPhone. Find the required Live Photo by selecting albums. Select the Live Photos option in the Media Types. Drag the selected Live Photo upwards. Finally, choose Bounce or Loop animation.

How to Share iPhone Saved GIFs?

If you have any GIFs already saved on your iPhone, you can save them further. For this, you have to start by navigating to the message where you wish to save a GIF. Click on the Photos app logo in the Message toolbar. Then, you have to click on the ‘All Photos’ option.

Next, click on the GIF that you wish to add to your message. Click on the ‘Choose’ button. It will now add the GIF to the required text. Finally, you can send that GIF via message. You can also send a GIF via the integrated Message app, regarded as #images, on your iPhone.   

The Conclusion

This is how you can edit and use GIFs. Before you start editing GIFs, note that Giphy doesn’t allow editing the GIF available in the app. First, you have to save them to the camera roll. When it comes to editing, you can trim, add text, and change the GIF play direction.

When you just trim the GIF, the outcome you get will be of a smaller size. But, when you add some effects, stickers, or text to it, the edited image will be comparatively bigger. Using the Giphy to Edit a GIF on iPhone is completely safe because it doesn’t include watermarks or other things.