Hello, friends hope you’re well. Today we are going to be reviewing the GoPro hero 10 black that’s right the latest and greatest out of the GoPro side. They do have a lot of competition these days. I’m going to be comparing it to my GoPro Hero 8 black and the reason for that is well I don’t have the nine. But these two are actually what we would call a generation apart. The nine and ten itself is a generation. The eighth and seven, six are different generations. Big thanks to GoPro for sending me this for a review.


The accessories off which GoPro is well known for their accessories. I’m not really going to get into a GoPro’s create a fantastic ecosystem around their cameras to the point that there are other companies copying the exact mount system for these GoPros but we need to understand what is the difference in the 9 and 10. Of course, if you have a 9 the question might be should you upgrade to a 10.

Quality-wise 4k, color, contrast, and details recorded on the 10 is so much better. If you’re deciding between a 9 and a 10 you should just go with a 10. It is better however there is Some things that aren’t better. So let’s get into what’s going on with the 10.

  • the processing power is out of this world
  • fantastic resolutions a 5.3 k 4k 60 4k 120
  • 2.7 k to 240 hertz or refresh rates
  • four times slow motion
  • contrast of capturing video is fantastic
  • 4k 120 frames a second
  • higher refresh rates
  • color of production is really good
  • fantastic sensor
  • touch screen is fantastic
  • poor battery
  • the subscription service
  • reliance on the app
  • overheating
  • cost much without Subscription

Gpro Hero 8 VS Gopro Hero 9 VS Gopro Hero 10

GoPro Hero 8GoPro Hero 9GoPro Hero 10
126 Grams158 Grams153 Grams
waterproof 33 feet / 10mwaterproof 33 feet / 10mwaterproof 33 feet / 10m
no removable lensremovable lensremovable lens
N/AN/AHydrophobic and scratch-resistant lens cover
Hyper Smooth 2.0Hyper Smooth 3.0hyper Smooth 4.0
1220 mAh Battery (AJBAT-001)1720 mah Battery (SPBL1B)1720 mah Battery (SPBL1B)

Build Quality & Physical Design of GoPro Hero 10

GoPro Hero 10 Black Review

The build quality is absolutely fantastic. There’s a large display on the back and a smaller one on the front which is just big enough to be useful for a bit of vlogging.

It’s heavy and super dense and when I say heavy I mean it’s the heaviest action camera I’ve used so far at 153 grams it’s 20 percent heavier than the Osmo action more than half the weight of the sony rx100 mark v.

The body is completely waterproof without needing a case. If you’re into water sports or hiking in the rain this has you covered as with a previous couple of GoPro’s.

It has these built-in flip thingamajigs for mounting and I like them a lot but honestly, I’m getting a bit tired of this ancient old mining system. I’m a bit disappointed that after 10 iterations they still haven’t put a tripod socket on the bottom. Because tripod sockets make me a better person. Everything is controlled with two buttons.


it can take photos and the photos look absolutely fine they’re fine.

How many of you are going to use this camera to take photos regularly? Probably somewhere between zero and none. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really offer full manual control over the exposure. It does let you choose shutter speed kind of but the slowest option is 1 125th of a second. So having control over long exposures is not possible. Your only option is to use the night shot mode.


Stabilization is the main standout feature for me. Hyper smooth is phenomenal and it keeps getting better. It’s so good that for everything but low light shots I’m starting to think there’s no need for mechanical gimbals anymore at least for small action cameras like GoPro Hero 10.

GoPro Hero 10 does almost as well and in some cases better than an Osmo pocket and there are no moving parts horizon lock is my favorite mod.

Video Quality


Video quality is superb it can record in a wide range of resolutions from 1080p to 5.3 k. The battery is set to the lower of the two options by default so make sure you change this to high as soon as you get the camera. The default color profile is quite saturated and has high contrast and it looks good in some scenes but often it’s a bit overcooked for my personal taste. I find it crushes the black too much and sometimes overexposes the whites. I tend to keep it on the flat setting which is a log-like profile and then correct it to my tastes in post dynamic range is good for a small sensor.

It does a really good job of dealing with direct sunlight. I like shooting into the sun a lot and some small cameras just can’t cope with that but it’s no problem for the GoPro hero 10. There are lots of options for field of view from narrow all the way to super view and with stabilization turned off. You can get the widest view and that can get some really interesting and fun shots.

Low Light


This is where the camera starts to show its weakness in a pretty big way with all forms of stabilization turned off. It’s actually pretty decent in lowish light but with stabilization turned on it is nice and stable but the image quality turns into a bowl of mashed potatoes and I hate mashed potatoes it’s bad enough that I would consider the footage to be pretty much unusable and there’s so much software noise reduction happening that buildings start to look like oil paintings, unfortunately, this is just a limitation with software stabilization.

Slow Motion

The GoPro hero 10 black does not disappoint offering not just 4k 60 but 4k 120 and even 2.7k 240. That’s wild the slo-mo files keep their original frame rate so 240 frames per second keep all those frames and you can then slow it down in post to 30 frames per second for eight times slow motion. The quality does take a significant hit when filming in frame rates as high as 240 and by the time youtube crushes the quality even further it doesn’t look amazing. But that’s true of any tiny sensor camera that can do this higher frame rate. That doesn’t mean you can’t get some pretty cool shots though and it’s much better than the slow-motion on any of my other action cameras.

The really special thing here is that you can have full stabilization and horizon lock. Even at 240 fps something no other camera I’ve used can do it’s quite amazing.

Battery life

Battery life is more than enough for my typical needs in my test of 4k 30 it did well this time will be reduced or increased depending on what settings you use and how often you have the displays on

The App

There’s an app that lets you preview and controls the camera remotely via wi-fi like many other camera apps it has a few annoying ads here and there for their other products and services. It encourages you to create an account every time you start the app. It also takes quite a while to connect to the camera so I don’t use it very much unless I have to.

I think camera companies need to work on making their apps a bit less annoying stop nagging me to create an account every time I load the app or to store my files in your cloud yes I know you want my personal data and I know you want to track and log everything I do everything I say and every time I fart but I just want to use my camera.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Which GoPro Should I Buy In 2022?

A. The GoPro hero 10 black while the outside hasn’t changed from the hero 9 black. The GoPro hero 10 black sports a new and improved processor on the inside which translates to video recording as high as 5.3k at 60fps as well as 2k video at 240fps and 4k video at 120fps. On top of that, it has a larger 23-megapixel image sensor and manages to shave off a tiny bit of weight.

Q. What Is Most Impressive In The GoPro Hero 10?

A. What’s most impressive is the hero 10 is upgraded image stabilization. You can now tilt the camera as much as 45 degrees and it will still smooth things out for you.

Q. How does GoPro Stabilization work?

A. GoPro Hero 10, and Hero 9 are good enough to get a good feel for the stabilization capabilities on both cameras. You Can record at the highest resolution possible. The hero 10 black is recording at 5.3 k. The hero 9 black at 5k in all tests boosts enabled. You Can film at 30 frames per second.

Q. Best GoPro Alternatives In 2022?

  • Akaso Brave 7 LE Action Camera
  • Insta360 ONE R
  • DJI Osmo Action
  • Sony DSC-RX0 II

Q. Is GoPro Hero 10 Worth It?

A. Well, first of all, it’s a great little action camera. And it’s super powerful for its size. The fact that you can shoot 5.3K 60 frames per second, and shoot some really high frame rates in 4K makes this thing really cool to use. But honestly, besides some of those increased frame rates and the improved selfie screen, there’s not much of a difference between the GoPro Hero 10 and the Nine. Especially when you just look at the image quality side-by-side and the audio, they’re almost the same. So are those improvements on the 10 worth an extra $100?

Well, for some, it might be. But for most, I don’t think it is. This is the best GoPro available, and the most expensive. So if you have the money to buy this thing, then go ahead and buy this if you’re looking for the best action camera. But personally for me, I would not be buying the GoPro Hero 10, unless it was on sale and I could find it for a deal. And if that wasn’t the case, then personally, I would end up buying the GoPro Hero Nine.