Recently, Snapchat has introduced a new My AI feature with which users can start conversations and chat with them as long as they want.

My AI Chatbot on Snapchat is free of cost. You just have to log in to your account and there you will find this bot.

The problem is that many users face difficulty while finding out the AI in their Snapchat. In this article, we will tell them how to get Snapchat Ai on iPhone.

What Is Snapchat’s My AI?

Before we go deep and start a discussion to access My Ai on Snapchat, it is important to get an idea about it and for what purpose it is used.

Snapchat My AI is the Chatbot powered by open AI’s ChatGPT that allows its users to talk with this robot at any time without feeling any insecurity.

You can ask for help from this Ai about important questions as well as get suggestions from this tool for dinner etc. However, unlike other Snapchat friends, it will not provide you with images or videos. 

How to Access Snapchat’s My AI on iPhone?

Accessing the AI on Snapchat is a very simple job. You can find My AI on your iPhone in just three simple steps that we have discussed here.

  1. Open the Snapchat application on your iPhone
  2. Go to the chat tab that is present on the second number in the lower left corner
  3. Here you will see My AI on the top of conversations

Interestingly, you will always find this chat at the top of the conversations. This element makes it easy to trace My AI on your account.

How to Use Snapchat My AI on iPhone?

The working of My AI on Snapchat is very easy. You can ask every kind of question from this bot and it will answer you with the right answers.

On iPhone, you can use it with great ease and solve your queries here.

  • Open the AI chat present on the top of conversations.
  • Ask the query from this bot, i.e. “What’s the temperature in California today”?
  • The Chatbot will give you answers that will be accurate and authentic.

It is that simple. You can also manage the chat settings and set the time for conversation in the chat box. 

Fixes For Snapchat My AI Not Working

Many Snapchat users complain that My AI in their account is not working so they ask for a solution with which they can get access to My AI.

There are multiple elements that will let you fix this issue. Here we are going to give you some effective hacks that will let you open My AI in your account.

Update Snapchat: Make sure the application is updated. If not, you should update Snapchat app so that it could work smoothly on the device.

Subscribe to Snapchat +: If you have an updated version of Snapchat, you will not face any issues with My AI and it is 100% free of cost. However, you can also get access to Snapchat + and get a paid plan to avoid any unusual problems.

Search for the chat: If you are not able to see the AI chat in the conversation section, you need to look at it by tapping on the search icon and typing My AI here. 

Log out of your account: Another way that you can use to fix the My AI Chatbot issue is by logging out of your account. Once logged out, open Snapchat again and sign in back. This will surely help you get My AI in the chats.

Consult with CSR: If you are still not able to get My AI on your account, it would be better to reach customer support and ask them about the solution.

How to Clear Your Chat Data From Snapchat’s My AI Chatbot?

Generally, the chats get deleted from the account automatically after 24 hours. So, once you view the chat, it will get deleted in the next 24 hours. However, this setting can also be changed.

Moreover, you can also clear the entire conversation in a single go and clear your chat box. Here we are going to tell you the procedure that will let you delete chat data from My AI Chatbot.

  • Open Snapchat and in your profile, you will see the setting icon.
  • Click here and scroll it to “Privacy control”. After that, click on the “Clear data”.
  • Tap on the “clear conversation” and you will see all the chats here.
  • Tap the cross icon “X” and then confirm to clear the conversation.

What Are Some Other Features of Snapchat?

Snapchat is an interesting social media platform that is full of features? You can entertain yourself here for hours without getting bored.

Just like My AI, you can also get a lot of other features in Snapchat like watching snap reels, getting a beauty lens, creating an avatar, adding snap stories, and snap maps.

This application has launched 100+ features till now and all of them are full of entertainment.

Snapchat Plus planets is the latest and most interesting feature that is available to paid users. Here you will make your own planet that will be named on the universe planets and here you can rank the friends based on the interaction. 

The more messages and snaps you send to a user, he will be at the top of the rankings. So, this is an interesting attribute added by Snapchat to keep the users engaged.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Why I Don’t Have My AI on Snapchat?

A. If you are not able to get My AI on Snapchat, you need to update the application. You will get it in the updated version.

Q. Do I Need Snapchat Plus for My AI?

A. No. My AI is free of cost and you can talk to the Chatbot anytime without spending money. However, Snapchat is a premium feature that you can access for $3.99 per month.

Q. Is Snapchat AI An Actual AI?

A. Just like other AIs, My AI is also a bot that replies to your queries as per your knowledge. This artificial intelligence uses advanced NLP technology.

Q. Why Isn’t My AI Working on Snapchat?

A. If your Chatbot is not working on Snapchat, it would be better to update the application or log out of the account and open it after some time. If the plan doesn’t work, you need to contact the customer support team.