In the ever-evolving landscape of smartphones, seniors are getting left behind. However, consumer cellular claims that their senior-friendly flip phone Verve Snap didn’t forget seniors, they say that Verve Snap is designed to provide simplicity, clarity, and reliable connectivity. In this article, we’ll explore whether the Verve Snap truly stands out as an ideal choice for seniors, examining its features and functionality. So without any further ado let’s get started and delve into the article.

Basic Features

Battery Life3 / 4 Days
Dual SimNo
Call Quality8.0 / 10
Group TextYes
Extra Loud RingerYes
Speech To TextNo
Hearing-Aid compatibilityM3 / T3
EmojisThe majority of emojis will appear, but the newest ones will appear as blocks.
PriceCheck The Latest Price

Other than these features, Verve Snap is a straightforward phone with very basic features only like making calls, messages, contacts, alarms, a world clock, and a Media Center containing music, a sound recorder, and a video recorder. The calendar feature allows for reminders, and the T9 engine simplifies text input, even though customizing predictions might be limited. For seniors I think these features are enough, if you are looking for a phone with more advanced features you can consider another phone from this list instead of choosing this phone.

Camera Capabilities

In terms of camera, this phone comes with a basic 5MP camera that is not the most impressive but serves its purpose for sharing information when needed. For reference, I have attached a picture below taken with this phone.

2 keypad and one iPhone without batteirs siting on their boxes

Hardware Overview

In terms of hardware, this device has USBC, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a volume rocker. It has an outer screen that shows information about time, date, battery, and network signals. Other than that it has a unique “Favorites” button to quickly connect with frequently contacted individuals, this ensures that seniors can connect with their loved ones with minimal effort. Lastly, there is a removable battery and under that battery, it has an SD card slot that you can use to load your songs or different things. I tested a 64-gig card and it worked well.

Software Overview

Verve Snap features a clean and simple interface with only a few useful apps which i have mentioned earlier. The device runs an Android operating system, which unfortunately poses challenges due to memory issues. I have tried and installed some apps but the apps keep crashing. Rather than installing apps, it’s a quite good device with a minimalist interface. 

Network and SIM Card Options

Operating on the AT&T network with Consumer Cellular, the Verve Snap utilizes both an eIM card and a regular SIM card. This dual-card functionality provides flexibility for users who prefer switching between devices. Unlike some counterparts, this device allows easy access to the SIM card slot for user convenience.


In terms of conclusion, I will say that Verve Snap is a phone that seniors can use in this ever-evolving landscape of smartphones. Verve Snap is a reliable choice for those seeking a straightforward flip phone experience. With a focus on essential functions, it excels in making calls and sending texts, backed by a commendable battery life. While lacking advanced features, its dual SIM card capability and user-friendly design make it a contender in the basic phone market. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is Verve Snap Come Locked or Unlocked?

A. Consumer Cellular Verb Snap typically comes locked when you first get your hands on it. However, the good news is that it’s not a permanent situation. You do have the option to unlock it if you wish.

Q. How To Add Contacts To Verve Snap Phone?

A. Creating your first contact isn’t a hard task, you can follow the below steps to create your first contact.

  • Select the menu option in the left corner with the left soft key.
  • Choose “Create a new contact.’
  • Then use the numeric keypad to enter the person’s name.
  • Then use the down navigation key to highlight the phone and enter their phone number.
  • When you’re finished press ok to save the contact.

Once you have one contact stored, the menu will appear slightly different. To add another contact, follow these steps:

  • Press the left soft key to open the contacts menu.
  • Then press the left soft key again to select the menu option in the left corner.
  • Choose “New contact”.
  • The rest of the process is just the same as before.

Alternatively, you can create a new contact from your recent calls log. Here’s how:

  • Open the main menu and select “Recent calls”.
  • Highlight the number you want to add
  • Select it then press the left soft key to open the menu
  • Use the down navigation key to highlight “Create new contact”.
  • Select it and you will note that the phone number is already entered. You just have to enter the name and then press OK.

Q. How To Install Apps In Verve Snap Phone?

A. To install apps on your Verve Snap phone, you’ll need an SD Card. Download your preferred Android apps using your computer or laptop, then copy the apps to your SD Card. Insert the SD Card in your Verve Snap phone and install them.