It is possible to charge a Juul with an iPhone charger. However, the Juul must be turned off when charging, as the charging process can interfere with Juul’s operation. Additionally, it is important to use a charger with the correct voltage and amperage rating; using a charger with too much voltage can damage Juul’s battery. While using a charger with too little current can significantly lengthen the charging time. But Don’t worry our first priority is safety so i”m gonna explain to you what are some safety steps and how to charge a Juul with an iPhone charger.

Here is How To Charge a Juul With an iPhone Charger.

Requirements: 1. iPhone Charging Adapter 2. Damaged Android Charging Cable. If you have a damaged android cable if not you can buy a new one for 5$ from anywhere (Well you don’t need 3 and 4 but it makes it a little bit easier to strip some of the wirings) 3. Pair of Scissors 4. Pair of Nail Clippers For Dogs

When you have all these required then you are ready to go, 1. Cut the android charging cable with Scissor from the center. 2. Get rid of the one we use to plug in the mobile, not the one we use to plug in the charger. 3. Make a little bit of a circle around the wire using a pair of nails and just pull off the insulation of the wire, in a charging cable. 4. There are actually four Smaller wires. But we just need a black and red one so you can cut away the green and the white wire. 5. Strip away the colored insulation with nail clippers or you can just melt the insulation with a torch or lighter. And you are ready to go just plug the android cable in your iPhone charger and connect the cable with a Juul.

Notice: Connect the charging cable on Juul’s charging points, The red one on Juul + and the Black one on Juul – point.

Here are Some Safety Points To Charge a Juul With an iPhone Charger

Make Sure the Charger is compatible

To determine if your charger is compatible with Juul, first check the voltage and amperage of the charger. The Juul requires a charger with a voltage of 5 volts and an amperage of 1 amp. If your charger does not meet these specifications, it is not compatible with Juul. Only use chargers that are compatible with Juul devices. Using any other type of charger could damage your Juul or cause it to malfunction.

If you’re not sure whether your iPhone charger is compatible with Juul, Don’t try to charge your Juul with an iPhone charger. It will damage your Juul so make sure to before charging your Vape with an iPhone charger. 

Don’t Overcharge

If your Juul is overcharged, it can result the device overheating and exploding. In addition, overcharging can also cause Juul’s battery to leak, which can pose a serious fire hazard. As a result, it is important to be careful when charging Juul and to never leave the device unattended while it is charging. By taking these simple, you can help to keep Juul safe and prevent any potential accidents.

Use Good Cable

As any Juul user knows, keeping your device charged is essential for maintaining a good vaping experience. However, using the wrong kind of charging cable can be dangerous for your Juul. Cheap or counterfeit cables can easily damage your device, and in some cases, they can even cause fires. That’s why it’s important to only use a good quality, reliable charging cable.

If you want to keep your Juul safe, be sure to use a Good Android Charging.


In terms of conclusion, I just want to say don’t use an iPhone charger to charge your Juul, because if did anything wrong in the steps mentioned above, it will end up damaging your vape/Juul. But if you want to charge it using an iPhone charger make sure you follow all steps carefully.

Now you know how to charge your Juul with an iPhone Charger and how to keep it safe while using other chargers for your Juul. if you need any help with your phone problem visit our blog before visiting customer support. But if you are not sure about your phone problem or your problem is not listed in our blog you can contact us on the contact page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can I use an Android charger for JUUL?

A. JUUL chargers are not compatible with Android devices. The JUUL charger has a unique magnetic connector that is not compatible with Micro-USB, the standard charging port for Android devices. In addition, the JUUL charger has a higher voltage output than most Android chargers, which could damage your device. For these reasons, it is not recommended to use an Android charger with a JUUL device.

Q. How long it can take to charge a Juul with iPhone Charger?

A. It can take up to an hour to charge a Juul e-cigarette using an iPhone charger. The charging time can vary depending on the wattage of the charger and the current battery level of the Juul device. For example, if the Juul is completely dead it will take longer to charge than if it has a partial charge. In general, it is best to use a charger compatible to minimize charging time.

Q. Can I charge my vape overnight with an iPhone charger?

A. It’s generally not a good idea to charge your vape with an iPhone charger. iPhone chargers are designed to deliver a specific amount of power, and using one to charge your vape could damage the battery. Additionally, most vapes come with their own dedicated charger, so it’s best to use that instead. If you don’t have the dedicated charger, then you can use an iPhone charger but not overnight, and make sure it delivers at least 1 amp of power.