I recently bought a new phone and was looking for a new case, While a phone without a case may look great, it can also be dangerous to use without one. So I decided to finally get a Burga phone case which is primarily aimed at the female audience. Now I’m not female but I might find the Burga phone case a little bit interesting. Burga is kind of a weird brand. Maybe it means something in another language. When I checked the reviews online before buying, I didn’t find anything honest; the reviews available tended to be sponsored or gifts. Thus, in an effort to be as impartial and unbiased as possible, I thought I would review the Burga cases completely unsponsored and give my honest opinion of them because they are quite pricey.

I’m going to divide this article into a few sections. The elite, The tough, and The snap case I will try and explain the difference between them. So you can actually work out which one you might want. Because there are slight differences and it’s very much dependent on how you want your phone to look. How much protection you would like your phone to have? And then I’m going to list some pros and cons hopefully this will help you decide whether to buy one.

Flower Power Snap Case

Flower Power Snap Case

This flower power case is one of Burga’s snap cases. One thing I want to say that is if you are looking for something that’s going to protect the body of your phone but also be lightweight I would recommend the snap cases. For someone like me who has an iPhone 13 pro, this is a great in-between between showcasing my phone and keeping it a little bit protected. It’s definitely protecting my phone and also is very lightweight. If you order a Burga snap case, you will receive it in a really nice little velvet pouch, which I think is great for travel or storing stuff.

Flower Power Tough Case

 Burga Tough phone Case

Burga’s tough case is different from a snap case because it actually contains two phone cases in one. It comes with two layers one black silicone inside and then a tough casing on the outside. Which is really easy to peel off like you just take it off and then put your phone in this. It is also MagSafe compatible, which is great for apple users. If we’re talking about a protection level, there’s definitely a higher level of protection with tough compared to snap cases. But it’s definitely up to you.

Flower Power Elite Case

Flower Power Burga Phone Case

The Elite collection was introduced not too long ago and is an upgrade or a higher level of tough cases. There is a difference in the packaging for Elite cases, which look more premium. Additionally, tough and snap cases tend to be glossy, while elite cases tend to be matte and scratch resistant. So if you have got nails you don’t need to worry about scratching. The gold shade extends all the way around, including the buttons, and it’s shockproof too. In terms of the level of protection, it even has a higher level of protection than the tough one I mentioned earlier.


  1. I’ve used the Burga Phone case on my phone for a couple of weeks and it feels comfortable in your hand. 
  2. The way the Burga phone case protects your phone is obviously fantastic. 
  3. A lot of designs, a very instagramable brand. They have a lot of like-on Trend cases with new designs. 
  4. A lot of variety, A lot of colors, and Available for Different types of phones, and the Xiaomi 12s ultra I think is quite a new model and already they have loads of cases for that. There are usually a lot of phone case brands that focus on iPhones first, and Android can be a little bit of a second fiddle.
  5. If you want to customize your iPod or headphone case or you want a matching laptop sleeve then the Burga has covered you.
  6. They do have discount codes often.


  1. The Burga phone case is definitely a chunky case.
  2. The price of Burga’s isn’t cheap. I previously had the Samsung Galaxy S9 and I had that phone for about five years. I had a case on it from a brand called Lenny and their case was around 20 euros it lasted me no problem for four and a half years. Whereas in comparison to the tough case which is 39.95 and that’s pretty expensive
  3. Sometimes snap cases do not fit your phone model.
  4. In the snap case, the top is left open and the bottom is left open, and if I’m right, it doesn’t have the same kind of raised bezels as the snap case. Therefore, the snap case is essentially a fashion case, and again, at 26 Euros, you might as well go to H&M or Primark and get a fashion case for five euros.
  5. You have to spend money on the elite case otherwise you’re not going to get enough protection.
  6. It is not a good idea to buy without a sale.


In the terms of conclusion, I just want to say that if after knowing the cons you are still interested in the Burga case, take advantage of the buy two get two free offer. If you are wondering how you will keep all four for yourself. Then keep it in mind using a phone case as a gift is thoughtful and practical. You can give the other two cases if you have a brother, a friend, a sister, or a partner who also needs a phone case. Now you may be wondering if the person receiving gift will like the case then don’t worry you can gift them Custom die cut stickers as well. Custom die cut stickers for phone cases are beautiful decoration. If you decorate your phone case with high quality vinyl stickers, then choosing the right style doesn’t matter you are free to choose any style.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Are Burga snap cases good?

A. Burga snap cases are a popular choice for iPhone users who are looking for extra protection for their devices. The hard plastic case snaps onto the phone, and the raised edges help to protect the camera from scratches and damage. However, some users have found that the cases can be difficult to remove, and they also add quite a bit of bulk to the phone. In addition, the cases are not cheap, with some models costing as much as $70. While they do offer good protection, many users feel that the price is simply too high.

Q. How Do I Choose the safest case for My phone?

A. There are a variety of phone cases on the market that claim to be the safest for your phone. However, it can be difficult to determine which one is truly the best. One important factor to consider is the material the case is made from. For example, a case made from metal or hard plastic is more likely to protect your phone from drop damage than a case made from softer materials like silicone.

Another factor to consider is the design of the case. A case that covers the corners and back of the phone is more likely to protect it from drops and than a case that only covers the back. Finally, the durability of the case. A case that is made from high-quality materials and is designed to withstand wear and tear is more likely to protect your phone in the long run. When considering all of these factors, you can choose the case for your phone.

Q. Does Burga ship out of the USA?

A. Unfortunately, Burga does not currently ship its products outside of the United States.