Black Friday deals start on November 17th, and the banner has already appeared in the Google Play Store. You can get a $150 coupon that will take the Google Pixel 7 Pro to US Dollars 749, and the Google Pixel 7 will be discounted by 100 dollars to 499 dollars. Which in itself are screaming awesome Black Friday deals. But what if I tell you that you can get an additional hundred dollars off now?

How do you get this additional hundred dollars off?

Well, Google has started a referral program where they are sending referral codes that will get you 100$ off on the Google Pixel 7, The Google Pixel 7 Pro, and The Google Pixel 6. Referral codes are being sent to people who have bought the Pixel 7 from the play store or are in the Pixel super fans club. 

How you can get these codes?



Well, two of those codes are here. These will get you 100$ off on the Google Pixel 7, The Google Pixel 7 Pro, and the Google Pixel 6.  The Black Friday discount would bring the pixel 6A to 299$ and the pixel 7 Pro would be down to 649$ and the pixel 7 down to 399$. To redeem these codes you need to visit

For those of you who do not know the Google store has a 15-day return policy and a 15-day price policy. A price match is available if you find any other retailer using the same price for the device you just purchased within those return days. This includes the Google store. So that is what people are planning on doing. They’re planning on price-matching the devices which they just purchased to the Black Friday deal.  

Those of you who have trade-in devices can add your trade-in as well. You could get the pixel 7 Pro or the pixel 7 for free if you have a device that has awesome great trade value.  If you own the Pixel 6 Pro and are getting the Pixel 7 at 4.99, you’re getting it for free. And I think at the time of writing this blog post the trade-in value of the pixel 6 Pro is above 500. By adding your referral code to make it a 399 price match, it trades in your pixel 6 Pro for some Google store credit, so you’re already getting it for free.

You just have to play around a little bit and look for a referral code go through the painful experience of contacting Google customer care to get you a price match. Once the Black Friday prices kick in and you should be good to go.