Are gaming phones worth the investment? In a world where flagship smartphones are becoming increasingly capable of handling graphically intensive games, it’s essential to explore whether dedicated gaming phones are worth buying. The short answer to this query is: Yes! If you are in gaming you should definitely get a gaming phone, as a game development company advances mobile gaming, we also have to upgrade our flagship devices to gaming devices. You may be wondering why. Let’s delve into the in-depth article and find out the answer.


In terms of design gaming phones have some benefits over flagship devices. For example, if we compare the Asus Rog 7 and Xiaomi 13 Pro. The Xiaomi 13 Pro’s gigantic camera module at the back which has excellent camera capabilities makes the grip of the phone uncomfortable. Especially, when you’re playing games in landscape mode for a long time. But when it comes to the Asus Rog 7 it has modern design sensibilities because it is designed with gamers in mind. Asus Rog’s design includes balanced weight distribution and comfortable grips for landscape-mode gaming.

Other than that gaming phones come with additional controls and cooling solutions. Wondering why a normal user needs additional controls? Ultrasonic shoulder buttons or air triggers can benefit you in the following way: quickly access apps, Multitasking, Media Control, Camera Shutter control, One-Handed Operation, and many more. In terms of cooling systems, many flagship devices lag due to heating problems, but thanks to the gaming phones that have this cooling system, that can keep your phone temperature normal and maintain your phone performance.


As we saw in design how gaming phones benefit over flagship devices, the same thing here is display. Normal flagship devices house a 120Hz display, while gaming phones can offer up to 240Hz refresh rate display with a 720Hz touch sampling rate. Which can offer a responsive and immersive gaming experience. Other than that normal users can benefit from a high refresh rate in the following ways: smooth scrolling and navigation, reduced screen lag, improved touch typing, enhanced user experience, better video playback, reduced eye strain, enhanced gaming and multimedia, and future-proofing.

Additionally, Some gaming phones offer specialized gaming modes and customization. This is my personal favorite feature because I spend a lot of time in front of mobile and computer screens. I need a display that I can customize according to my own needs, and that’s where gaming phones have helped me. Now some of the users don’t care about customization but I personally love this feature. 


Gaming phones’ performance is the main advantage over flagship devices, previously I have mentioned that high-end gaming phones come up with a 240Hz refresh rate. Wondering a high refresh rate mean high battery usage? Yes, it is true but when it comes to gaming phones then the batteries in most gaming phones are worth this high refresh rate. Which we will see in the battery section below.

Not only high refresh rate make a gaming phone better than flagship devices but also hardware used in gaming phones boosts their performance. For example Qualcomm Snapdragon 8-series or MediaTek Dimensity chipsets. These processors offer high CPU and GPU Performance. Which is the heart of the phone, even if you are not a gaming lover but a power user, these processors will fulfill your needs.

There isn’t a bunch of differences between storage and RAM between gaming phone and flagship device. Somehow if your flagship device has 16GB of RAM but the processor in your device isn’t as powerful as we find in gaming phones then the 16 GB memory is just a waste. In terms of storage, there is no difference as I mentioned earlier.

If you are in gaming then you will find some specific gaming features that are not available in flagship devices. Like customizable gaming modes, and dedicated gaming UI, which can enhance your gaming experience.


Now this is something that I’m not really impressed with Gaming Phones. and flagship devices have taken a point here. Flagship smartphones typically feature advanced camera hardware, including high-resolution sensors, larger pixel sizes, multiple lenses (wide, ultra-wide, telephoto, macro), and sophisticated image stabilization technologies. These components contribute to better image quality and versatility in various shooting conditions.

Now some gaming phones also have this type of camera hardware, but they are not as good as flagship devices. So if you are a photography lover then I suggest you get a flagship device instead of getting a gaming phone. But if you just use your phone camera as a regular user then you are good to go with a gaming phone. 


Some Gaming phones support external displays or docking stations that allow you to play mobile games on a larger screen, providing a more immersive gaming experience. Which I think is a very impressive point. Other than these features, some gaming phones also support attachable joysticks, which can keep your phone screen protected if you get frustrated with losing battle😂.

One more feature that is really impressive in gaming phones is that you can use specific gaming speakers for an immersive audio experience. If you are not a gaming lover then this accessories part doesn’t have any specific feature that you can benefit from.


Since the rise of non-removable batteries, batteries have become a more important factor when choosing a phone. Because you won’t get a backup battery with you. Yes, you can get a power bank with you but sometimes power banks mess up with phone battery due to low or high voltage. If you are tech-savvy and know which power bank to get then you may have no problem with the battery. But personally, I hate carrying a power bank with me. Anyhow it mainly depends on your personal preference.

What does all this mean, if you have only one battery? Then a good phone with a good battery is a must. And this is where gaming phones come up in the game. Gaming phones offer big batteries like 6000 mAh. I know Some flagship devices also offer 6000 mAh, but do you really think they can beat gaming phone? I personally compared the Asus Rog 7 with many flagship devices, but no one was able to compete with the Asus Rog 7. So in terms of battery, I personally suggest you get a gaming phone.


Pricing is the other thing we need to consider when buying a phone, Gaming phones deliver exceptional performance but some gaming phones can be more expensive than flagship devices but mostly they are cheaper than, flagship devices. If you are looking to buy a new gaming phone you can consider the list below.

Best Gaming Phones You Can Considered


In terms of conclusion, gaming phones are powerful enough and worth your investment. But the final decision will be yours, It’s essential to consider your specific needs and preferences when choosing between a gaming phone and a flagship device.  If you are going to buy a gaming phone, you can consider a phone from the above list.

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