Your iPhone is likely your primary means of communication, accompanying you wherever you go. In some cases, you might interact with it after every few minutes or hours. This close interaction might make it feel like this smart device is an extension of your being. And, since we all love to own things that reflect who we are, you might feel the push to inject your personality into your iPhone phone case.

Nevertheless, while contemplating customizing your iPhone phone case, you might be seriously reflecting on whether you have what it takes to pull it off. It feels great to help you understand how to revamp it easily. You will find the different customizations you can try out today below.

1. Custom Name Case

Custom Name Case

Your name has unique powers that set it apart from almost anything that concerns you. Imagine seeing your official name or nickname artistically written on your iPhone cover. Whether patterned or minimalist, block or cursive, it can give you the perfect sense of ownership. So, you can buy durable and attractive phone cases online and customize them.

Many people customize the color, size, and font type. You can choose an embossed, transparent, or solid case. The choice is yours, but don’t forget to contrast the background and font color. As an expert artist will tell you, this is the best way to ensure your name remains visible on the case.

2. Hand-Drawn Portraits

Hand-Drawn Portraits

Another simple way to personalize the exterior of your device is to immortalize special moments by drawing and printing important portraits on your phone case. Your choice of photos can make this experience memorable. You can consider images you have taken with your loved ones. If you cherish your relationship with your hairy friend, you have another great alternative.

Due to the process involved in capturing and printing the images, this customization option might be slightly more costly than many others. However, it can give you a case of its kind. If you want to manage the cost, consider reducing the number of subjects to feature in your portrait. You can also choose a black-and-white line drawing. Otherwise, depending on your needs, you can consider partially-colored and fully-colored pieces.

3. Paint It

Paint It

Painting your phone case is another intriguing yet simple solution. This option improves your phone case aesthetically without spending too much money. Many proud owners of iPhones use acrylic paint colors to achieve this goal.

You can take a red paint color and use it to draw images of hearts all over the phone if you cherish the warm memories these graphics will bring. There are many options. So, you can choose any figure that serves your needs.

If you love some specific colors, you can customize them much faster. Once you have chosen your favorite color, paint it over the cover. That is all. Later, you can add more drama by painting some images over the paint if your needs change. If you ask where to start, experiment by painting the cover light blue and drawing little clouds over it.

Tip: Use a pencil before painting to avoid the risk of destroying your phone cover.

4. Use Beads

Use Beads

Beads can also help you add a refined touch to your phone case. If you don’t have beads, you can use colorful stones and get the same effect. Choose your preferred color and paste the beads or stones on the case in an attractive pattern. Remember, you don’t have to adhere to any pattern requirements if you don’t have any preference. You can do it in any way to get the outcome you like. However, ensure you keep it simple.

The exact steps you should follow from beginning to end will largely depend on your requirements and the tools and materials you have. You can stick your beads or stones directly on the cover. Alternatively, you can start by painting it. Stick the beads to enhance the appearance after the paint has dried up.

5. Use Attractive Stickers

Use Attractive Stickers

Using stickers is another way to customize your iPhone phone case. It could be the ideal choice when you have limited time. You can transform your phone’s appearance without putting much effort or worrying about the risk of damaging your phone cover, as you can remove the stickers whenever you want without any issue.

The process is simple. Identify your favorite stickers and go to the market to buy them. Once done, paste the stickers on your device in any fashion you prefer.

If one big sticker can serve you well, you’ll save more time. Pay attention to the features that make the sticker stand out. It can be cartoon characters, images of hearts, foods, favorite quotes, a rainbow, and more. This idea will help you know whether you need many stickers or one.

Wrapping Up

A phone case protects your iPhone but can be your perfect way to make that bold statement. It is ideal to customize the cover to meet your taste and needs. Whenever creating your dream phone case, ensure you keep the design simple. Also, consider the basics of choosing the ideal photos, colors, fonts, and other features. In short, with plenty of incredible design options, custom phone cases can make a nice treat for yourself or the person you cherish. Read More